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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  January 27, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, and in hd, this is abc 7 news at noon, on your site. >> traffic for an hour, then you would see a couple of cars move and stop again. >> a winter wallop.
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powerful snowstorm brings the region to its knees. thank you for joining us this noon. i am alison starling. commuters were left stranded from maryland to virginia, many stuck in their cars for hours without moving. the horror stories are still coming in with your calls and e- mails. adam caskey is tracking fears ofa refreeze, susan kennedy is in maryland, courtney robinson is checking on abandoned cars and in northern virginia. let's start with debris and water near the gw parkway, one of last night's trip home -- brianne carter the gw parkway, where last night's trip home turned into a nightmare. >> both of the northbound lines on the parkway are back opened after being shut down more than 12 hours while crews worked to clean up the mess that created a nightmare commit for so many.
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12 hours stranded in the snow. >> i left work about 4:30, maybe a little before. i got just passed spout run and i got stuck. it was creeping in little at a time, and then just nothing. >> joyce is one of the many stock in your car at the gw parkway overnight. after snowy roads it combined with downed trees and in numerous accidents, it turned to the parkway into a parking lot. this man and his friends heard about the gridlock from a family member stuck in the mud. they showed up with shovels in hand to get people moving again. >> we figured we might as well help people make a u-turn. >> some people decided to hit the freeway on foot, abandoning their cars.
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the road closed throughout the morning. -- if forced park police to keep the route closed throughout the morning. >> you cannot get the snow plows in to move them. >> this woman does not know what to think about this terrible trek. >> don't know. >> i number people of -- a number of people of come to retrieve their cars. cars can be found on the overlook on the parkway. >> we have some breaking news right now. newschopper 7 is over at pepco station in kensington maryland. heavy snow caused a large number of tree limbs to come crashing down on power lines there. pepco reports more than 1000 lines were downed, and this substation was lost as well.
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pepco crews are trying to assess the damage and figure out how long it will take before power can be restored. this winter wallop is causing trouble all around the region. pepco has 167,000 customers in the dark good most of them are in montgomery county. -- in the dark. most of them are in montgomery county. b.g.e. any reports 9200 -- bge reports 9200 outages. suzanne kennedy is in bethesda. >> power outages are sporadic. here in bethesda, you need all across the street to go from an area that has electricity to one that is in the dark. the weight of the heavy, wet snow brought down trees and power and phone lines throughout montgomery county. this resident lost power 80: -- lost power at 8:00 last night.
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he is worried that it could take more than a day to get electricity back. >> we depend so much on so many communication gadgets and electricity in order to run a normal lives. when it is out, is pretty much at a standstill. >> this car was abandoned after being stuck at a dangerous intersection and having a way to contact police. >> rather than block it and be in the middle of the intersection, i did proceed in getting it to a much safer place. >> the neighborhood is littered with fallen tree branches. >> out of the road now, but i have my chain saw and we will clear them off the sidewalk. >> some neighborhoods were possible. others looked as if they had not seen a plow. it was a morning for digging out.
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>> it is a mess. it is really hard snow. really heavy. we have a neighbor who will bring a snowblower over. it is horrible. >> residents say they can make it tothrough the day while there is some light and warmer temperatures. they are concerned about tonight when they are 24 hours into the outage. >> it will be really cold. thank you for the latest and for your reporting all morning. one man died and three other people were hurt when a tree fell on a truck in northwest d.c. this happen at the intersection of military road and oregon avenue last night. one of the survivors was taken to hospital in critical condition. the victims have not been identified police in anne arundel county say a pickup truck was equipped with a snow plow that hit and killed a
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pedestrian, and the driver did not stop. the man was walking along route 177 when he was hit near the free-market. -- flea market. police believe he was walking on the highway because snow prevented him from walking on the sidewalk. hundreds of drivers chose to walk away instead of staying stuck in their cars. those abandoned cars cost an even bigger mess this morning. courtney robinson has more as the coverage continues live from fairfax. unbelievable how many abandoned cars there were this morning. >> it really was an unbelievable sight. one girl said she walked a mile and half to a friend's house. this new you can see that there are police officers who are now checking out two of the
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abandoned vehicles. they kept police, local police and state police, a busy all morning and all day long. these abandoned cars not only caused huge frustration but major danger in the early morning hours. >> you are in the left lane and right lane, and use exact as you go down the road because of abandoned cars and a them -- you zig-zag as you go down the road because of an abandoned car in the middle of the road. this family in centreville thought they might end up among those cars as their cars slid its way along 95. they found their wares here with a hotel room just a few blocks away. >> we were dry and warm and happy. >> it was not just the icy roads that made them nervous, but other drivers. >> you weren't going anywhere.
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>> this man abandoned his car, coming back after 6:00 a.m. to dig out. this man says he is the only camp every knows of a brave enough to brave the elements, but got caught in a major traffic jams and dicey moments on the road. >> what they say in spanish, horrible. no bueno. >> this is unexpected right here, you know? i don't know, i don't know what to do. just get out here and take care of these roads the best we can and work together. >> plow drivers like that one or out. the va department of transportation had 22 trucks on the road, clearing them off. those abandoned cars on at 66, the beltway and the 95 -- state police had them towed.
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courtney robinson, abc 7 news. >> started seeing those cars at 4:00 this morning. right now the skies are clear. it is warmer, 37 degrees. it is causing new fears about a temperature plunged to nine. . adam caskey has a look at the forecast. what are the chances for the rephrase. -- refreeze? >> 99% chance if you want the actual percentage. we will drop to the mid-to-upper 20s tonight and tomorrow morning. heavy, wet snow is one reason there were so many problems and power outages. heavy to shovel, of course, as well. how much did we get? a lot. arlington, 8, stevenson, 9. look at damascus, 12.1 inches of
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snow. had it been a five to 10 degrees cooler, we could have doubled the snowfall totals from yesterday. we do have melting going on. 36 at reagan national. near 44 afternoon highs. -- 40 for afternoon highs. >> we will hear from you in a few minutes. more on the weather and travel. planes are flying in and out of local airports. runways were temporarily closed at reagan national and dulles last night. it forced passengers to spend the night at the terminal. the domino effect is expected to continue today and into tomorrow. the biggest problems along the east coast are at philly international, newark international, and jfk in new york city. metrorail open on time. at 5:00 a.m., it ran normal service. buses are going only on a snow emergency routes.
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metro access is also operating. it started at the service at 10:00 a.m. amtrak is trying to get up to speak today. trains were running this morning anywhere between two and four hours late, if they were not canceled. some delays remain, especially from new york's northcom or the snow totals were even higher. some of the people stuck in traffic last night were crawling along next to president obama. after traveling from a speech at wisconsin, the weather forced the president to travel by motorcade instead of helicopter did was met with good luck -- like everyone else, mr. obama was met with gridlock. firefighters say flames caused part of their home in college park to collapse -- a home in college park to collapse. the blaze broke out at 5:30.
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everyone inside the house was able to get out safely, but because of the fire is still under investigation. coming up, it is the winter that will not end. winter storms turn into chaos in the northeast. four days after millions of gallons go gushing down the beltway, we have big news for water worries in prince george's county. are even more flurries on the way it?
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>> we continue with the storm watch, because the blast that hit us dumped even more snow up north. the winter will just not end.
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new york city is dealing with its snowiest january ever, and even in new englanders have had enough. pamela brown is watching this in the storm watch center. >> it left as much as 19 inches of snow in some places. more residents without with -- were out with shovels and were more prepared. it is déjà vu for residents of the mid-atlantic and northeast. once again, they are shoveling their sidewalks and digging cars out of ditches. the storm caught many off guard. >> wow, that's crazy. >> in central park, a record 12.3 inches of snow. the city has already blown through its snow removal budget. in portland, maine, residents
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are coping with their for the snowstorm in just two weeks. >> it is just trying to make enough room for the next snowstorm. >> in this parking garage, two people were trapped after the roofs collapsed under the weight of this note. it created a blur for drivers, abandoning cars that were littered on northbound 95 in connecticut after the interest it was forced to shut down. -- the interstate was forced to shut down. for the third time just this month, air travelers are dealing with cancellations and delays. many airports in new york shut down the runways. in philadelphia, at least 1500 passengers were stranded overnight p. truly a mess. >> if you are not stuck in your car, you are stuck at the airport. you said the f-word, flurries.
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>> i just lost my job. >> you said flurries for tomorrow. >> maybe a light mixed. what am i going to tell my wife? my mom, of all people? i got an e-mail from a friendly viewer. he said last year it was snowmageddon, this year is snowmg. >> some people said i carmageddon. >> look at these accumulations. eight ages in vienna. in damascus. charlestown, 10 inches. i think on average across the beltway, we've picked up between
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6 and 9 inches of snow. this is a good graphic right here. it illustrates the difference between southern maryland and out west, where we had the bull's-eye, especially in parts of loudoun county. st. charles, 6 inches pretty only about an inch or half an inch in spots. go to perryville, 10.2. part of the bull's-eye. now we have some sunshine. this quickly exited new england just this morning. this little clipper brought us the dreaded f-word -- flurries. i want to clarify, flurries. maybe a light dusting along the shenandoah valley and the blue ridge, but that will be it. tonight, refreezing.
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we will have some six spots and will turn to cross the ice overnight. the model since it may be a few flurries on saturday and maybe a wintry mix situation tuesday and wednesday. pretty far out. something we will keep a close eye on. >> we do want to show you some video we're getting in from chopper 7. this is live in college park, maryland, where a tree is down in that area. this has been an ongoing problem with that thick, heavy snow. we will watch the situation throughout the day. good news, actually -- the water is once again safe to drink in prince george's county. it boiled water advisory had been in place since monday's massive water main break in largo. two rounds of the sample
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testing showed no signs of harmful bacteria. make sure you clean out your icemakers. coming up, more chaos on the streets of egypt. house social networking is feeling the protests. and making the best of the winter wallop. later today on "oprah," soldiers who came home host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: does it take two to tango? ♪ ♪
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>> posts on a social networking sites are reportedly fueling a violent protests in egypt. six people have died and at 100
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have been injured. another mass rally is expected in cairo today. the ruling party says is ready to open a dialogue with the protesters, who are mostly young people. social security is on track to run out of money even earlier than expected. congressional experts say the funds could be emptied by 2037. this year alone, social security will collect $45 billion less than it paid out in benefits. still ahead,
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>> one more weather story, but this is a fun one. and people manage to make the best of it. a snowball fight broke out in dupont circle. it was a rematch of the massive snowfall that all that broke out after last year's blizzard. you are in the midst of a big snowball fight last year. and >> it came crashing down on mae. it is heavy, wet snow. kids come enjoy your day today. maybe some flurries, light dusting possible tomorrow. possibly as an assistant on tuesday and wednesday. >> we will see you back here tomo
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